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About Lineage 2 Redux PVP Server

Lineage 2 Redux took 2 years of development, countless hours of tests, creating formulas and game mechanics that directly influence the gameplay, our Team is commited to offer our players a true Lineage 2 game experience as it was ment to be played.

Lineage 2 Redux has a strict no wipe policy, all your achievements will be kept for years to come. We are also commited to a strict no corruption policy, the GM is not playing on the server, nor will he ever interefere in the gameworld, all GM Actions are logged and all players are threated as equals.

Lneage 2 Redux was made to enjoy PVP with a minimum farm policy. Donations will not have any impact on the gameplay, all items influencing the gameplay are available in game.

The Lineage2Redux Team is commited in offering our players a stable and clean Lineage 2 PVP Server.

Server Rates:

XP Rate: 5000x.

SP Rate: 1500x.

Safe Enchant: 3

Drop Rate: 1x